Gregory Baltoro Backpack Review

It is hard to find a really good backpack, although it is a crucial item for any backpacking trip. The Gregory Baltoro is a great backpack for trips that take from three to five days, however it is a bit big for a day-long trip.

The backpack can carry at least fifty to sixty pounds. It all depends on how many pockets you decide to use on the backpack. This is the weight of the stuff you have to pack for five days of backpacking. The backpack would be full on a two or three day backpacking trip. The backpack is a bit too big for a weekend-long trip, but it is perfect for four or five days of backpacking.

The backpack has a top loading area where you can pack clothes, food or any other item that you might have to use quickly on the road. This area is also great to put a tent in a packed state. The backpack also has many pockets on the side and two tubes as well on the side where you can put water bottles. It is awesome and very handy to have such pockets as you can take out food, or drinks even while you are on your trip, and you don’t have to take off your backpack, unzip it, close it once again and put it on.

There is a little problem with the harness of the backpack. It makes a bit of a sound, and it squeaks. This is not really a problem, but it can be a real problem on longer backpacking trips.

The backpack is very durable. It is made of great quality materials, it is made of double-diamond ripstop nylon and flat-weave nylon. But are extremely durable, and the backpack deals well with throwing it around and longer years of use. The backpack is not going to tear on your backpacking trip and it is not going to tear up either.

The backpack comes with a lifetime warranty, so even if it tears or gets damaged on your trip you can replace it and get a brand new one. It might be good to replace the harness of the backpack, with a better quality one. If you are looking for a good quality, value backpack for a five day long trip for example around the continent, you should purchase the Gregory Baltoro backpack.


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