Review of the Teton Sports Explorer 4000

There are many pros and cons about the Teton Spots Explorer, but it is fair to say that it is made of durable material, and it is comfortable to wear due to the waist belts that help with a more ergonomic weight distribution. This way neither part of your body will be overwhelmed with the weight that you have to carry, but the weight will be distributed over your bodyparts.

The bag is water resistant, it is made of durable material, and it has a rainfly, although some backpackers say that the rainfly is not big enough. I would say that all in all the backpack is amde of quite durable materials, and the rainfly provides at least some protection against water. Althugh the material of the backpack is durable, some gadgets on the bag are prone to breaking.The zipers get stuck at times, and the seams might tear.

The backpack has an interior space of 65 liters. This should be enough to hold plenty of backpacking gear. You can put your clothes, a bit of food and other objects into the main compartment area, and the bag also has an area for sleeping bags. The main compartment area is big enough to store a backpacking tent, however you can also attach a tent in a bag to the bottom of the backpack.

Some have found the sleeping bag compartment to be on the small side, but the truth is that even if you find this to be true you can still put your sleeping bag into the main compartment area, and put other objects to the sleeping bag compartment.

 The backpack can hold a total of fourty pounds, which can be considered a little bit small. You can’t carry many heavy objects with such a backpack, and some suggest that the weight distribution of the backpack is not the best. Unfortunately if you use the backpack as it is there will be too much pressure and weight on your shoulder, but there is a belt around the waist area, which you can use to put a bit of weight on your hips. It takes a bit of fiddling to get the tightness of the belt right, but it is worth playing around with.

The backpack comes with a lifetime warranty, so the fact that a few gadgets fall off shouldn’t be that much of a problem. Teton Company is famous for being friendly and helpful with all their costumers, so you can easily get replacement parts.


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