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The Major Rivers Of Europe

The Danube at Vienna. Source: Wikipedia

The Danube at Vienna. Source: Wikipedia

The Danube

The Danube is the longest, largest river of the European Union, but it is not the longest on the continent. The Volga is longest than the Danube, but the Volga does not flow inside the Union. It is an international waterway with major travel and trade routes that are integral to the economy of the continent. It was already a major trade route during the days of the Roman Empire, and settlements were formed in Roman times at places where there are capital cities at the minute. It is a beautiful water, so it is a major destination for tourists from all over the continent. The river originates in the Black Forest of Germany, where the two smaller rivers, Berg and Brigach flow together and form the river Danube. It ends in Romania and Ukraine where it flows into the Black Sea.


The Volga is the longest river of Europe. It only flows in Russia before it ends at the Caspian Sea. It is the most important river in Russia. It originates from Tveri, an area around halfway between Moscau an Saint Petersburg. It is very important for the trade of Russia, they have made major investments in the infrastructure of the river in the mid-nineteenth century in order to make it available for trade ships in every single circumstance.


It is the third biggest river of Russia behind Volga and Kama. It is also called the “Quiet Don” as it flows in a very slow pace. The river is not that important for trade routes because it becomes too shallow during the summer months.


The Po it the major river of Italy as it is the longest one in the country. It originates in the Alps, and flows for 405 miles before flowing into the Adriatic Sea.


The Shannon is a river that is not on the continent unlike the the other rivers mentioned above. It flows South and then West for more than two hundred miles before ending in the Atlantic Ocean. It is the longest river of Irealand, and the most western river on this list.