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How To Choose The Best Sleeping Bag For Camping?

A sleeping bag. Source: Wikipedia

A sleeping bag. Source: Wikipedia

Sleeping bags can be lightweight or heavy just like tents. The ones made for backpacking are lightweight, but the ones that were designed for camping are more comfortable but they are designed to be heavier. This article is going to go through the features that you have to look for if you want to choose the best sleeping bag.

First, you have to know where you are going to use the sleeping bag, as this will tell you what the average temperature is on which you are going to use the sleeping bag. If the sleeping bag is advertised as a 30 degree bag you should be fine as long as the temperature remains no lower than 30 degrees farenheit. These figures should be used as a guideline only, because every single person is different and other external factors such as the amount of vapor in the tent can have an effect on how warm you feel inside the tent. Your warmth feeling can be affected by the clothing you wear. I advise you to wear layered clothing, as this creates chances for you to adjust to any temperature. If it gets warmer you take off a few layers, if it is cold you just take on a few layers.

There are multiple types of sleeping bags based on temperature alone, just as you have to choose different types of tents for different weather conditions. Summer sleeping bags should be for 35 degrees farenheit or higher. Three season Рsummer, autumn, spring Рsleeping bags are between ten to thirty-five degrees farenheit. Between ten and minus ten degrees celsius you should choose sleeping bags for cold weather camping. Cold weather can be mountain weather, or early spring, late summer. Extreme cold winter weather calls for sleeping bags under ten degrees farenheit.

The best sleeping bags have a hood. This is a great feature as it allows you to skip using a pillow. If you are a backpacker every single ounce counts, and if you have a hoody you can put clothes into the hood. This way you can make a pillow that is just as comfortable as a regular pillow, but you save a few ounces.

There are considerations that you have to take into account based on the sex of the person who sleeps in the bag. Women’s sleeping bags are not as long, but they are narrower. They have extra cover at the foot area and the upper body area. They are wider at the hips on the other hand.

The sleeping bags manufactured for kids are different as well. They have built-in sleeves at the bottom so that the child stays in the bag during the night. They also have pockets on the outside so that the gadgets of the kids can be stored.